Cyber Security, audit and penetration testing services & Solutions

The web is increasingly becoming a source for cyber criminals to create new attack vectors for carrying malicious activities. With increasing systems and networks coming online we are even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Security has to be prioritized further with teams having to reinvent their strategies and start thinking like the hackers. It is advisable for organizations to be aware of impending cybersecurity threats. This threats will continue to rise, and organizations need to fast-track the adoption of security best practices. Cloud Adoption and IoT implementations have increased the threat perception.IoT is expanding and adding an increasing number of devices to its network. Hackers are inventing new methods of leveraging these devices for malicious activities. Insufficient security on the IoT mobile devices is being exploited for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. While Ransomware attacks are a tremendous threat and are getting more sophisticated and challenging over time. With a Ransomware attack, hackers gain access to a computer and get hold of the data. They then encrypt the data and demand a ransom (usually a financial payment) in return for decrypting it back. Ransomware is capable of infecting hundreds of machines at a time and is now being offered as a service- Ransomware as a Service (RaaS). Since RaaS does not require any technical capabilities to launch the attack, it is highly probable that these attacks will become more advanced and widespread.

You have to counter the innovative hackers through equally innovative security teams. FuturXLabs is tying up with the best resources in this field globally and helps your business to understand your vulnerability first. Cost effective and continuous security measures thereafter can help the business to be secure from any future threat of cyber breach.