Talent Analyzer

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For a great team, it is important to understand the strength and areas of opportunities of every team member, teams, departments and the company. Talent analyzer is a copyright assessment on SteerHigh platform that takes seven areas of focus for every employee and ultimately comes out with a score of 'Talent Success Confidence'. This score indicates the level of success confidence the organizations can have based on the mix of employee behavior in their company. The areas covered in the assessment covers seven focus areas and come out with a comprehensive result. 

  • Think Success - How employees of the company have the ability to think positively
  • Align Success -  How well are the employees aligned to the organization vision and mission
  • Enhance Success - How much the employees are able to use the facilities given by any organization to get the best out for the organization.
  • Collaborate Success - The level of collaboration and understanding within the organization that defines the ability to work as a strong team. 
  • Lead Success - A measure of the leadership abilities of the employees in the company. 
  • Happiness - How much each individual and the organization as a whole is truly happy. Happy employees are directly responsible for better sales and profit for their companies. 
  • Attitude Mix - The attitude of the employees that defines their best fit in the jobs they do and the way they see things and approach them to solve. 

The assessments are dispensed on cloud and can be accessed on mobile as well as the web. Reports are generated automatically and released to the authorized company admin in order to maintain confidentiality. The report is supported by analysis and consulting by our psychology experts. The outcome of this exercise can improve the quality of the talent in any organization that in turn can impact the company profitability and growth.