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The Culture of a company depends on the values that any organization builds in over a period of time. Culture has become highly meaningful with the fact that the future of the organization depends on what kind of culture the company has. For example, Google, NetFlix and many such companies have a culture of innovation while many other would be highly process-oriented culture. Organization strength lies in its culture and based on that, the business they plan to enter in gets defined. If a highly process focused company wants to get into a startup, it becomes a problem for them as the leadership and employees would feel very uneasy with the pace of change and the authority that needs to be given in startup culture. They would rather focus on business where this culture comes out as strength and not a roadblock. 

Culture analyzer focusses on two key aspects; The culture and the integrity of the organization. The outcome is in form of a report that clearly defines the culture tilt and our experts can then use the report data to help companies improve or help understand their inherent strengths.